Wolves of Street Ormeau Results

Catalyst Sports Wolves of Street Ormeau Qualifier was a top level contest showing some of the best skateboarders from Southeast QLD.

Below: Jett Stanton with a Crooks Nollie Flip at Ormeau down the rail

Over 50 Competitors Attended The contest,  With the Top 3 in Opens having been spotted previously in the Pilbara, Rockhampton and Brisbane.


Open Mens
1st – Jett Stanton
2nd – Jesse brodbeck (tie)
2nd – Nixen Osbourne (tie)

Open Womens
1st – Aimee Massie
nd – Evie Ryder
rd – Molly Ferguson

Wolves of Street – Ormeau Sat May 27th
1- Riley McComb
2- Zane Hetherington
3- Jack Lewis
4- Alistair Sliz
5- Fletcher Mcculoch
6- Zane Morrison
7- Tyson Kings
8- Will Walmsley
9- Miles Eckhardt

1- Zac Hall
2- Gabe Harrigan
3- jake Lara
4- Jacob Costanzo
5- Austin Gray
6- Angus Fergusson
7- Keegan Webber
8- Patrick Staples
9- Connor Chappell

1-Aimee Massie
2-Evie Ryder
3-Molly Fergusson
4-Maddison Pease
5-Mia Lee
6-Eva Kingi
7-Tameka Eckhardt

1- Jett Stanton
2- Nixon Osbourne
2- Jesse Brodbeck
4- Nathein Ruzicka
5- Jesse McNaught
6- Sam Windhorst
7- Barry Campbell
8- Nathan Trew
9- Brian Jacobson
10- Caleb Chiron
11-Michael Brodbeck
12- Lucas Caen
13-Jarryd Myers
14- Simon Prakash

Below: Sam Windhorst with a backside transfer to fakie

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    Paul Hogan
    29/05/2017 (12:26 am)

    Well done Aimee & Jett

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