About Us

Catalyst Sports Management began life in 1997, predominantly as an exporter of rugby players to the United Kingdom, Europe & Japan. This was in response to the lack of fulltime contract places available in the new created Professional Australian rugby market, based around Sydney & Brisbane.

In 1999 Paul Hogan joined Catalyst founder Guy Gibbons to advance Catalyst’s contact base in the general rugby population. Hogan, having worked in ABC Sport for both Radio & TV, and with his experience playing & coaching in Australia & overseas in both codes, was able to enhance the Catalyst talent base. Hogan brought on board several Rugby & Rugby League players and continues to manage their careers today.

Over this period Catalyst has developed to manage multiple talents across an array of sports, with success. In late 2003, Hogan took over full control of the company with Gibbons focusing on other ventures. With the advent of compulsory accreditation in Rugby & Rugby League, Hogan has become accredited in both codes & concentrated his efforts on these 2 sports.

Catalyst continues to grow and to assist budding young stars of both codes with their physical & mental development in the tough world of Professional Sport. This includes organising strength & conditioning programs, obtaining dietary advice & specialist coaching. For the more senior players, finance & investment programs are sourced through highly qualified consultants and institutions.

Below are some of the players Catalyst has managed over the years.

Josh Hoffman