Happy Harmony day

Harmony Day is a Celebration across the world of cultures and incusiveness through events and understanding. 

We are a proud organisation which recognises Indigenous Australians as the first and Traditional owners of Australia.

Our staff include backgrounds from Lebanon,  France, Canada  and from many other countries.

We have LGBTQ staff and are open to anybody with a love and passion for skateboarding to be involved. 

Women in Skateboarding

As part of closing the gap in skateboarding between male and female divisions we have taken a further step towards this by not just running more female contests but:

1. Having females as coaches in more places and more frequently.

2. Having Females in the frontline as commentators hosts and judges. 

3. Partnering with the #girlsmakeyourmove campaign to promote more females to be active. 

Happy Harmony day

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